Paleo Diet Meal Plan

Getting started eating Paleo will require an adjustment period. As a result, to help get you started we put together a sample one week plan to help you make the transition. The key to making this lifestyle change will be preparation. The moment you allow yourself to get hungry while you’re out and about or if you have no clear plan for what you will eat, you may feel tempted to stray from the Paleo way. Use the easy Paleo meals that are throughout this site on the blog page, as well as the recipes page as inspiration for your meals.

Making the Paleo diet a long term and effective lifestyle change is pretty easy. The basic meal structure that you should consider to achieve the benefits of the Paleo diet is as follows:

  • 4 to 6 oz of lean protein (8 oz if you’re super hungry). This includes turkey, pork loin, chicken, lean beef or seafood.
  • Multiple servings of vegetables lightly cooked or steamed to preserve the nutrients (eat your veggies raw if you’re up to it).
  • Add the good fats to complete the meal. You can do this by cooking in olive oil, adding a handful of nuts or slices of avocado.

Eat 3 to 4 meals structured in this way and you should be able to realize fat loss quickly and easily and all while avoiding the chronic hunger pangs changing your diet.

If you can use this basic structure to create your own meals or use our easy Paleo meals as your guide, the transition to long term Paleo eating can be a smooth one.

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