Understanding Paleo Diet Weight Loss

The Paleo diet is named after the Paleolithic era, before agriculture was invented and when humans existed on what they could forage naturally. It focuses on changing your diet to something a caveman would recognize: natural, free of processed and genetically altered foods, and thus much healthier. By targeting the underlying structure of your nutrition plan, the Paleo diet helps you lose weight in a healthy manner.

The main foods of the Paleo diet include fish, vegetables, meat, nuts, fruits and roots. A strict Paleo diet forbids more modern food options because they came after the growth of agriculture, so you may not eat dairy products, legumes, grains, refined sugar, processed oils and salt, among others. Review our tips for foods to avoid while on the Paleo Diet and preparing your Paleo meals.

The diet plan encourages you to eat foods that are rich in protein but low in carbs. Unlike many diet plans, Paleo does not require calorie counting or intensive exercise regimens. Review our Paleo diet primer to gain a better understanding of what the Paleo diet is and isn’t.

It should be noted that the Paleo diet is different from all the fad diets, because it is a complete nutrition plan in itself, not just a short-term drop in food intake to obtain short-term results. Simply put, eating Paleo is a way of life. While adopting a strict Paleo regimen is ideal for optimal health, a hybrid Paleo diet may also improve your health and help you lose weight. Here are 11 reasons that practitioners experience Paleo diet weight loss:

  1. The foods advocated by the diet plan are filled with nutrients and do not contain the huge numbers of calories that most processed foods have.
  2. The diet allows you to “lose the bloat”. This basically means excreting the excess water from your body.
  3. The Paleo plan helps to reduce the impact of any food sensitivities, allowing you to eat meals that are healthier and good for weight loss.
  4. Paleo also helps you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This is particularly effective because any excess sugar — particularly glucose — in your body is converted into stored fat.
  5. The diet allows you to eat foods that regulate your hormones, and therefore any signals associated with those hormones. This not only improves mood stability but stabilizes your body and helps stop it growing too big.
  6. Your body can burn stored fat because of the proteins found in Paleo foods and the stable blood sugar levels they encourage. This helps to reduce your weight significantly.
  7. Most Paleo dieters feel more satisfied after eating, because Paleo foods contain healthy fats that don’t cause weight gain like processed food fats do, but are still filling.
  8. Since the Paleo diet involves the consumption of nutrient-dense foods, your body is able to create healthy cells. Weight loss is a natural by-product of the process.
  9. Although increased exercise is not required by the Paleo diet, you will have more energy for your workouts. Your body will become more efficient and be able to exercise longer, which should result in further weight loss.
  10. The Paleo diet promotes a more effective way of burning body fat. Instead of your body using sugary carbohydrates for energy, it uses your stored fat. This leads to an increased rate of weight loss.
  11. Paleo diet foods contain high amounts of fiber that encourage weight loss.

With every new health survey, it becomes more evident that modern processed foods foster weight problems among an increasing number of people. Although it’s often hard to pin down precisely which foods or diet plans can lead to lasting weight loss, the Paleo diet has now been around for long enough to attest to its effectiveness. Paleo diet weight loss is real and it works!

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