Before you get started creating all of the wonderful easy Paleo meals that are on this site, here’s a primer on the Paleo Diet. There are so many books, blogs and articles out there, due to its surge in popularity, that attempting to cut through the nonsense to obtain the knowledge that you need can be a chore.

What is the Paleo Diet?

To put it simply, the Paleo diet, also referred to as the caveman diet, is a way of eating that can be the basis for your healthy lifestyle. Couple it with a few lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and you have the foundation for healthy living. The Paleo diet aims to return us to the roots of our Paleolithic ancestors, before agriculture and farming became the primary method for obtaining food.

Our ancestors relied on hunting and gathering to survive. As a result, their diet was comprised of fresh and healthy meals consisting of lean meats, organic produce (no pesticides) and nuts and seeds, which provided healthy fats. The Paleo diet provides you with the tools to reproduce the benefits of that diet within our modern world.

The Paleo Diet is not…..

The Paleo diet is not your typical calorie counting affair. So you won’t be limiting yourself when preparing and eating your easy Paleo meals. The diet works, but it is not because of haphazard calorie counts, portions, etc. The diet works because it focuses on eliminating the processed foods and chemicals that so many of us consume and replacing them with more natural, thus healthier options.

Paleo Health Benefits

Fortunately, for all of us the Paleo diet has been scientifically evaluated and there are some great resources that you can review to draw your own conclusions on eating Paleo. In addition to weight loss and increased energy and alertness, some experts believe that converting to a Paleo diet with also decrease the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, many tout the Paleo diet as a means of slowing the progression of auto immune disorders and possibly increasing the health and length of life.

Paleo Food Basics

We have created a detailed Paleo food list here. However, a good guideline for selecting the foods that you should use to create your easy paleo meals and the food that you should avoid are as follows:

Foods to EmbraceFoods to Avoid
Lean Meat (e.g. Beef, Pork, Chicken, etc.)Processed Foods & Sugars
FruitsStarches (e.g. White Potatoes, Pastas, etc.)
VegetablesGrains & Legumes
Seafood (e.g. Halibut, shellfish, Salmon, Trout, etc.)Hydrogenated Oils
Nuts/Seeds (e.g. Almonds, Pecans, Sunflower Seeds, etc. )Dairy
Fats (e.g. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Butter, etc.)Alcohol & Sodas

Remember to check out the Paleo food list for more comprehensive information regarding the foods to use and the foods to lose (from your diet).

If you feel that you are unable to move away from the processed foods that are prevalent in our modern society, then the Paleo diet and the easy Paleo meals may not be for you.

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